naturally jovani


It all started with him. Robert Jovani Mor, our father. Well, more than that. Educator, promoter, mentor, guide…. From his passion our dream is born. From your experience, our enthusiasm. And from his talent, our science.

SINCE 1999

After many years professionally linked to the world of Cava in Penedès, at the end of the 90s he decided to acquire the vineyards and the small Berdié-Romagosa winery to give free rein to his passion. A family project that deeply touched all of us. So much so that years later it would cause us a true professional catharsis. From the passion of our father and the strength of our mother this dream is born. In 2007 we decided to quit our jobs and bet everything on the bubbles and thus Berdié-Hermanos Jovani was born with our own way of seeing the world of wine and cava. Today we are proud to be a small, young winery that has managed to gain a foothold in the sector and be recognized for its quality and style. For this reason, the time has come to leave behind the name of Berdié and give Cava our true identity: JOVANI.